Trex Andalucia
Animal Sanctuary

Trex Andalucia animal sanctuary, located in Turre, Almeria, is working to change the way people see and treat animals.

We want to do this by showing the world the wonderful and unique personalities of all the animals that we care for.

With over 24 rescue animals calling Trex home, we want to continue our work and help even more of those in need all whilst allowing visitors to come and meet them in person.

We offer people the chance to adopt our animals and also sponsor on-going projects to help us do just that.

Come Visit Us or
Volunteer at Trex

We welcome you to come and meet everyone who calls Trex home and see what we are all about. You can meet all the animals and even purchase a treat basket, which will be sure to make you some lifetime friends around the sanctuary!

We can even cater to special occasions! A birthday surprise maybe? Or maybe you would rather get your hands dirty and join in with the team? Why not come volunteer with us instead! 

As a non-profit sanctuary, there’s a wide variety of help needed. From cleaning to feeding the animals, or even spending some time working on one of our future projects, there really is something for everyone.

If you would like to pay us a visit or you're interested in volunteering with us, get in touch today to book!

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Trex Andalucia
Animal Care Scheme

Not a nice subject to address, but an important one for us animal lovers. If something were to happen to you, and you were taken ill or even worse passed away, what would happen to your pet?

If you have no family or friends able to care for your pet in this scenario, be it a cat, bird, dog, donkey, horse, the list is endless, what would happen to them? Do you have a plan in place should this ever be the case?

Here at the Trex Andalucia Sanctuary, we will not hesitate to take your loving pet into our family.

Should you have a medical emergency or in the event that your pet outlives you, we'll care for them through the Animal Care Scheme.

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We Sell Fresh
Free-Range Eggs

Looking for some fresh free-range eggs? The eggs from Trex Andalucia are laid by our very own family chickens, ducks, and geese who call Trex their home.

Free-range eggs really do taste better and they hold more nutritional value than store-bought eggs.

Every day we collect the eggs as soon as possible after being laid, that way you can rest assured that our eggs are always fresh.

By the end of the week, there is not a single egg left in sight. So be sure to reserve some if you would like to buy some of our fresh free-range eggs.

We sell out very quickly so please let us know in advance if you would like to purchase some.

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