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Sunday Club for Children

If your child loves animals and being outside then this is the perfect activity for them. Our popular Sunday Club has been running for many years now and has been a great success.

Available for children 6 years and above, our club gives your children the chance to learn a wide range of social skills and how to interact with animals.

Running from 09:30 – 13:30pm every Sunday, your child will join in with stable duties, interact with all animals on the farm, and be involved in educational activities and crafts.

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  • Amy, 16 Years Old

    Honestly, pony club was the best thing ever. I’ve missed it so much since we moved back to the UK. I learned so much from you guys. I think the most important thing you taught me was that although animals are a lot of fun they come with a lot of work too. And that You must always look after your animals properly. I still have a notebook somewhere that has all the different types of brushes and what they’re for, and all the different parts of the bridle and saddle that I made with you at pony club ( I have a few medals off of you as well ) ... Thanks to you guys, how much you taught me, and all the confidence you put in me and my riding, I’ve managed to volunteer at a horse sanctuary and even loaned a horse for a time. Miss you guys and your animals so much!! 

    Amy, 16 Years Old
  • Charlotte, 18 Years Old

    used to live down the road from Trex pony club and honestly it was the highlight of my day when I was able to go there, i learned so much,I went from never even stepping foot near a horse stable to doing the very most I was able to do at my age, I am now 19 and I still miss going there and whenever I horse ride I always remember some of the things I did. I loved it that much that I even ended up jumping the gates because I didn’t want to be away from there I absolutely loved my time there and I was so gutted when I had to move! The memories are unforgettable, as well as the people, one day I will hope to visit again! Best pony club I’ve ever been too nowhere else comes close! 

    Charlotte, 18 Years Old
  • Danielle, 18 Years Old

    Back when I and my twin lived in Spain my mum used to take us to Trex’s pony club because we both really enjoyed riding horses. We have so many fond memories of our time there. Riding with Jean was really enjoyable and we learned a lot about looking after the horses and the cross country scenery of the area is incredible. We loved it so much we even celebrated our 8th birthday at the stables with cowboys and Indian themed party. We even used to sneak into the paddocks to visit the animals because we loved it that much.   

    Thanks, Jean for such an amazing experience.

    Danielle, 18 Years Old
  • Elana, 13 Years Old

    I started going to pc a while ago, every time I went on holiday to Spain, I felt so welcome by everyone there especially jean, the horses are beautiful and I have loved watching its wonderful family grow into new horses, goats and more, I started my riding journey there and I am so thankful as I now have my own horse because of it, the adventures are amazing and the games are, I love every minute of being there and spending time with all of the animals large and small, it’s the friendliest place on this Planet.

    Elana, 13 Years Old
  • Francesca, 14 Years Old
    I am Francesca I’m 14 and I used to go to Pony club at Trex Andalucía it was such an amazing experience since I stopped horse riding because of an incident I had jean helped me so much and gave me the confidence to get back on a horse and I can now trot without anyone holding on to Fred I learned that you can always trust your horse and once you get a bond they will never let you down I soon hope I can start going back to pony club and for those that are thinking of starting horse riding do it, Jean is the best teacher I have ever had when I’m around animals and horses. All you need to do is trust and listen to your horse.
    Francesca, 14 Years Old
  • Freddie, 15 Years Old
    My name is Freddie I’m 15 years old and I moved to Spain when I was 7 I had a friend called Sky and she told me about this pony club so I tried it out and I loved it from day dot my favourite horse was Fred we had a real connection and I used to take private riding lessons as well. The best time of the week was going to pony club, I’ve got really great memories of being apart of pony club like the parties the games but my favourite was cantering in the sunset with Jean and Fred and Flamenca x
    Freddie, 15 Years Old
  • Jade, 17 Years Old

    Trex Andalucia is a five-star riding stables there’s so much to do and learn there. The people who run it are amazing and so nice. They teach you how to be the best rider you can be. I enjoyed going to there pony clubs. There were so many fun activities going on there such as apple bobbing, playing with all the animals, grooming the horses, learning all the different parts of a horse, and doing pony competitions. I haven’t been at this stables since I was 9/10 but I will definitely be going back when I next go on holiday to Spain.

    Jade, 17 Years Old
  • Kotryna, 12 Years Old
    Pony club is a way that I can interact with animals and find friends, it has made me excited for the weekend as it is one of the best things I can do in Spain. It is really helping my confidence and learning new facts about animals as my dream is to have my own animals one day. I really miss pony club and everyone and everything there xx I have always loved animals since I was a little girl and I’ve always wanted to have a club with animals and now I go to one. I love you guys and everything you do for everyone and I Love volunteering at Trex.
    Kotryna, 12 Years Old
  • Mila, 12 Years Old

    I started Pony Club 6 years ago and each and every day I go to Pony Club I love it more and more. I've learned to treat animals with respect and everything I know about horses is thanks to you. I love Pony Club so much and it's what I look forward to every Sunday. I've made lots of friends and met lots of different people at Pony Club. I don't know what I would do without Pony Club.

    So thank you. And there aren't enough words to describe how much I LOVE Pony Club.

    Mila, 12 Years Old
  • Skye, 16 Years Old

    When I was at pony club it taught me social skills and helped me work with people I wouldn’t usually work with. This gave me a wider friendship group and also helped me gain new skills around these people. Pony Club has so many aspects which were so educational yet also so much fun. For example not only did we ride the horses, we got to help with the other animals and understand all of the time and work it takes to own them. Pony Club has also taught me life long skills such as having ambition and drive, which help me in my everyday life. It also showed me that I should never give up on achieving anything that I want to do. Pony Club was such an enjoyable experience, from riding the horses and ponies to playing fun games which helped me interact with a wider group of people. I loved pony club and I will never forget any of the memories made there, it is such an amazing opportunity because it helps learn skills and create bonds with people.

    Skye, 16 Years Old
  • Sophie, 13 Years Old

    Pony club is one of the best places it is nice because you get to know the most amazing animals, how to care for them. You taught me how to look after animals and that it isn’t only about riding them. You also meet some amazing people there.

    Sophie, 13 Years Old
  • Talia, 15 Years Old
    I am a former member of Trex Andalucia's Sunday Club. Going to Sunday Club was one of the best experiences of my life, I really enjoyed it. Learning about horses and other animals was great. My favourite part was riding the horses. Another great part is the chance to get to meet some really nice people, I made some good friends there. Because I would never get the chance to have my own horse going to Pony Club was the next best thing, the horses are so friendly and sometimes funny. I remember when Indy, one of the horses, would run off with the shovel, it would always make me laugh. It was so much fun. I would definitely encourage you to go.
    Talia, 15 Years Old

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