On September 8th, 2003, myself, my husband, our two children, and our two dogs left England to start our dream life here in Spain. A month later, our three equines (one horse & two ponies) joined us in the small town of Turre, Almeria, where we now call home. With nowhere for the horses to live, they were kept in Livery for the first two years, meanwhile, we started to build their new home.

We had previously bought a large rustic plot of land, with the idea of building our own home, along with stables and kennels for our animals. Although everything didn't quite go to plan, 17 years later, this plot of land has become Trex Andalucia.

About Us at Trex

We are so lucky to have so many outdoor activities just on our doorstep and our location here in Spain provides the perfect place for horse riding and bike riding with scenery that just takes your breath away.

During the winter months, we are able to travel a short distance to Sierra Nevada for skiing and snowboarding. And during the summer months, we are located just 7 minutes from the beautiful coast where we can find assorted water sports and beautiful beaches.

Unfortunately, we hit a lot of red tape with regards to building permissions, permits & licensing and we were not able to build our dream home as we had originally planned. But with a lot of hard work - Trex Andalucia was built.

My husband and I now live in a converted part of the stable block, the best thing we could get after not being able to build our dream home. We run a Sunday club for children to help teach them to respect & care for animals and we also offer doggie care, looking after clients' dogs whilst they're away.

Today my son Jamie (13 when we moved to Spain) is now back in the UK, happily married with two children. My daughter Kirsty (10 when we moved to Spain) left when she was 21, worked in the UK for four years, met her partner, traveled for a year and they are now living back here in Spain.

Over the years, we have rescued many animals and now with the help of all you animal lovers we want to rescue even more. There are so many animals out there that need our help, and we have the space and most importantly the love to give. Once in our care, they will never leave and will spend their last days with us.

Trex Andalucia has now become an animal sanctuary.

Love Jean



Jean Wood

Founder & Manager at Trex

+34 6204 02176

Having put on my first pair of jodhpurs when I was 2 years old, my love of horses and animals started from then. Over the years there’s been a wide variety. Trex has always been a dream of mine and I am so happy to have made it my reality. I love to travel and make new friends (no matter how many legs they have!) and my happy place is outdoors.

Dave Wood

Manager & Head Builder at Trex

+34 6200 49524

With me, what you see is what you get, no hidden extras. Honesty is my best policy, and if I am being honest I make a pretty darn good goat herder. I speak their language really. A bah there, and a bah here. I love to cook and know my way around a great BBQ! Besides that, I spend a lot of my time talking to the animals.

Kirsty Wood

Web Developer & Administrator at Trex

+34 6449 01481

Being both a lover of animals and travel, you'll often see me exploring new places. But as they say, there's no place like home - and home for me is here at Trex. I'm great with people but even better with animals. I love taking photographs and convincing my parents that we should get even more animals, every time I see them.

Ryan Gardiner

SEO Consultant & Landscaper at Trex

+34 6449 01481

I specialise in helping businesses build a successful online presence, but I must admit that my green fingers are just as good as my coding ones! Spending my time between a shovel and a laptop gives me the chance to build a wide range of skills. I love to grow everything - except coriander - that can do one.

Hugo Boss

Gardener at Trex


I'm the go-to guy for keeping the grounds looking ship-shape here at Trex. I'm great at getting out those tough weeds and sometimes I'll have a munch on the flowers and stuff too, even though I'm not supposed to. That Dave is a funny character, we have a good chat every now and then.


Volunteer at Trex

I have always loved animals, big and small, horses especially. I knew that volunteering would be something that I would want to do when we moved to Spain. Having now moved here I am now lucky enough to volunteer at Trex and love every minute here. It is great to spend time with the horses, goats, dogs and cats



Over 17 years ago, we bought nothing more than a plot of land in the Southern region of Spain. No buildings, no trees, and no fences. We have built stable blocks, storerooms, various outbuildings, paddocks & shelters for all of our animals.

We dug out and built a water deposit to hold our agricultural water & although it took 7 long years, we finally, got an electricity supply! The excitement of water pouring out of tap & being able to turn a light on or use an electrical tool was such an achievement. All those little things in our past UK life that were taken for granted.

To share some of our achievements and progress, here are some photographs that help capture just some of the hard work we have put into making Trex a great place for both animals and everyone who visits. Because a dream doesn't become reality without sweat, determination, and hard work.